AZUZA Soft Rock ?   used at the Liberty Park monument in New York

AZUZA Soft Rock?  used at the Liberty Park monument in New York

"The lagoon at Gill Beach" - Mary Gill

"The lagoon at Gill Beach" - Mary Gill

Many thanks for this awesome product! The custom color really makes “the lagoon at Gill Beach” pop. This is a super cost effective product and I’ll be telling anyone who who asks that you are the source.
— Mary Gill

AZUZA Soft Rock?

 AZUZA Soft Rock? is manufactured by Paints4Less and offers a beautiful, durable solution to traditional gravel. Our AZUZA Soft Rock? is made from Latex Paint Aggregate, or LPA (the dried and hardened material which is found at the bottom of paint cans). We transform this LPA into decorative ground landscape cover, thus keeping it out of our landfills!

AZUZA Soft Rock? is a great recycling option, it is also much lighter and more colorful than natural rock. Our AZUZA Soft Rock? is available in 55-lb bags (1 cu ft) and comes in 8 color variations than help maintain ground moisture around your plants, retarding weed growth, and enhancing the natural beauty of your planters, paths, or any area that can be enhanced by the look and texture of gravel.

Custom Colors Available

If none of our 8 stunning color variations are what you're looking for, let us know! AZUZA Soft Rock? can also be manufactured in custom colors to accent more specific color themes and decor both inside and outside your home or facility! With AZUZA Soft Rock? the color options are endless, and can complete the decor of your casino, amusement park, shopping mall, or corporate/government facility.