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Online display shows approximate colors, please request a color card to get exact colors.


Montage Flat & Semi-Gloss Colors

These are our standard colors available off the shelf in our inventory. Our "flat" and "semi-gloss" Montage paints are 100% recycled and can be used for either interior or exterior applications. Both varieties of our Montage recycled paints boast a 10-year warranty, we can guarantee that our paints maintain a quality which is just as good, or better than many of the name brands sold on the market today.

Montage Custom Colors

Often in commercial offices, building exteriors and facility grounds particular paint colors are specified to be used and painters and contractors are required to continue using those specific colors. If none of our standard 20 colors of Flat or Semi-gloss Recycled Montage paints match your needs- don't worry! You an still be environmentally friendly AND save money by having us mix you a custom recycled paint to match your color specifications- regardless of the brand of paint at a small extra charge (which is determined based on color and batch size).


8oz Sample - $5.95
1 Gallon - $19.95
5 Gallon - $64.95
60 Gallon - $725.00 (12, 5-Gallon Buckets)
120 Gallon - $1,375.00 (24, 5-Gallon Buckets)
180 Gallon - $2,025.00 (36, 5-Gallon Buckets)

Amongst the many vendors we use to keep our field crews supplied and customers happy, Paints4Less has been one of the most responsive and easy to work with.
— Urban Graffiti Enterprises Inc.
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*Proof of business required to become registered for contractors pricing. Please call 626-812-0191 for more details.