Paints4Less is your source for Ecologically friendly, budget friendly recycled paint. Every year millions of gallons of new, surplus, mis-tints and unwanted left-over paint is wasted or disposed of improperly. Paints4Less works to cut down on this waste by recycling these products into quality paints and construction products. At Paints4Less we take recycling seriously, and even the paint cans we receive are re-used or recycled.

Paints4Less has been producing quality recycled paints and ground cover for 13 years. We partner with several companies who conduct Neighborhood Round-Ups to collect unused paints, stains, primers, and sealers for recycling. We also work with painting contractors, paint distributors, and retail stores to directly liquidate their surplus inventory. Through our partnerships and community cooperation we are supplied with a wide variety of mis-tints, returns, and expired inventory.

What does all this mean for our customers?

First, you can feel great about using an Earth friendly paint for your home or business. By using recycled paint, you are cutting down on pollution and making our world a little better! But using Paints4Less products also means that you're going to save money! Typically, the price for our reprocessed paints in about half as much as brand new paint. Since the majority of the cost for the manufacture of latex paint was incurred when the original (or virgin) paint was made, Paints4Less only needs to reprocess the collected paint and put in additives to restore it to a use-able product, that saves us money and we're more than happy to pass that savings on to you!