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Tag-Out? Graffiti Removal Solutions

This environmentally friendly, low-cost, water-based product provides fast one coat coverage for most applications. Tag-Out? for your contract graffiti removal applications. 

The use of Tag-Out? is economical and has proven to be less expensive and less time consuming than conventional methods such as sandblasting, pressure washing or applying costly virgin paint.

Dealing with graffiti can be a headache. Regular paint costs too much to cover large scale projects, especially since several coats need to be applied. Sandblasting and pressure washing take more man-hours than necessary.


What you need is Tag-Out?

It is manufactured from both raw materials and post-consumer latex products to create a professional grade coating that has been manufactured especially for the graffiti remediation industry. It comes in 20 colors and can be tinted to match specific colors. can be applied with a paint sprayer, roller or brush onto concrete, wood, brick and stucco.